Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Karutharangam Feb 2013

The Karutharangam went on well as per schedule. The feedback was excellent. 

Feedback From Mannargudi Sri. Rajan,
Dear Desika Premi,

First of all we all must appreciate your humility for appreciating each one of us despite the fact that you deserve much more than all of us by leading from the front. Your kick off for this Mahotsavam set the tone and each one of us did our bit of kinchit efforts.

Certainly VCG Swamin deserve the most credit as he had relentlessly followed with each one of us in making his " Dream Come True" which incidentally brought out best from each of the speakers. Certainly all the speakers have prepared their best and I am sure Swamin Desikan must be pleased with all of us.

Going Forward: Adiyen's humble suggestion :

1. We should take up 1 topic and let one speaker delivers the inner meaning by diving deep into the topic. All of us can clear doubts on that topic and we should not spend more than 2 hours.

2. In order to make our better half to be light, we can keep sundial prasadam.

3. This way we can make it monthly Mahotsavam and turn by turn all the speakers can get their chance.

4. We should start with those speakers who could not share their vast knowledge due to their other commitments like Lakshman Swamin / Ananthan Swamin / Gopalswamy Swamin / Narayanan Swamin etc etc apart from Bariya of so many Swamins.

This is just a thought which is set rolling for others to ponder & come to consensus. Having started the momentum, we should not allow it to dry the enthusiasm .



Feedback from Nangainallur Sri. Venkatesan Swami :

Dear G Swami
Dhanyavatham for taking a lead and organising the above event  ably supported by Vijay, Kannan  and Rajan/Suchi . When the Program TT came to me , Adeyen did not think we could "fill" the time you had allocated which was not  short. It was really gratifying to note that all who assembled had prepared well and wanted to share what they had learnt/ experienced.
There can be ONLY ONE Swami Desikan in this Yuga and this Prapancham has to wait for the next Kalapam to have another Acharya like Him. As Swami Himesfl has said  ""Ma Shakthi Maatra Ganne...." in Varadaraja Panchashat, there is no way to adequatelky describe His Parama Upakaram to all of us. Still in our own little way we all attempted to exepereince Him . This  is  also His Thru Ullam . Adyen's guess is that He was enjoying our  "prattle" and "showing off" to Parimuga Perumaal and the Aazwaars and Udayavar , the type of followers He has been able to develop .
The six odd hours that we spent in the sat sangam was devoted to Desika Chintanai which in adeyen's humble opinion is unprecedented even in Divya Desam. Adeyen was able to learn so much from teh shared expererinces of others and to adeyens surprise there are so many colours to each of His works that Adyene did not see before. No wonder it is said even one word  of the Acharay is enough to reach Vaikuntam
Adeyen was particularly impressed wth the devotion of Shri Ravishankar . Do I call it destiny  that has lead  him to the path of Swami Desikan thru Dayashatakam ? Strange as it may seem to us , the maths is clear to Him.
Danyavatham to :
Suchi had done a wonderful job in keeping the children involved . Thanks to her for great spitit 
Smt and Shri Ramanujam ( Bank Dhofar) had silently worked in the backgroud and adeyen knows the way they have involved themelseves . After you had all left, she sang a great song on Nara Hari which was simply superb .  May Swami Desikan  bless her long life with great voice
My Mamiyaar did a lot of work and must have spent hours in to the mid night  poring over books and internet to complie what my son Ramanuj read out . Despite her age she was fully involved both in the kitichen and teh script. My thanks to her too
Mrs Kannan , though could not join us deserves our gratitude for the prasadams and also sending Kannan swami and her daughter .
Mrs Padma Sampath , was graceful in her rendering and I would like to thank her and Sampath  Swami who have been great supporteres our smapradayam in Muscat
Vijay , G Swami, Veera, Narayanan, Rajan are the pillars of the Muscat chapter of Desikan Chintanai : what more can I say?
Lastly thanks to my wife and my son Ramanuj both of whom did a lot of work from the domestic side
Vazga  Pallandu Thoppul Ayya
Desika Chittan

Swami Desikan Charitam prepared on the eve of this Karutharangam Feb 2013 click the link below: 

Villiambakkam Govindarajan

Monday, February 4, 2013

Interesting facts on Swami Desikan

Dear Desika Adiyars, 
We all know that Swami has authored 
1) Stotras - 28
2) Kavyas - 5
3) Drama - 1
4) Rahasya works - 32
5) Vedanta works - 11
6) Commentaries - 10
7) Anushtana works - 4
8) Misc works - 13
9) Tamil Prabandams - 24 

Here We are going to see interesting matters about Swami Vedanta Desikan.
The Divya desams visited by Swami Desikan.
Marked in the India map

Swami Nammalwar with Madhurakavi Alwar

The list of Divyadesams visited by Swami Desikan

Article by Sri. PB Annagaracharya on Swami Desikan

Swami Desikan Jathakam
Courtesy: Lifco, chennai

Let us the list of works written on Swami Desikan in the next post... Dasan