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Purattasi sravanam Photos 2013

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Kindly view the photo album of Purattasi Sravanam 2013 in the following link. Dasan

Click here :  Photo Album


Dr.V.C. Govindarajan

Monday, June 10, 2013

Greatness of Sri. U.Ve. NSR Swami

Dear All,
The greatness of our Sampradaya and the Acharyas are endless. Today a great day being the Tirunakshatram day of HH Srimad Srimushnam Srimad Andavan and Sri. U.Ve. N.S. Ramanuja thathacharya the living legend. It is very rare to see such Jnana anushtana sadacharyan now a days. It is our bhagyam for our life during their time. The Chronological detail has been published in a Srivaishnava egroup and adiyen would like to record in adiyen's blog alos. The author Sri. Sudarsan is the younger brother of our beloved friend and active Muscat Srivaishnavar Pucheri Sri. Prasanna Venkatesan. The detail is given below.

"MahamahopAdyAyA" "ChatusshAstra mahAvidvAn" "Chevalier" Dr N.S.RAmAnuja ThAthAchArya swAmi needs no introduction. Swami's name and fame are vishvavikhyAtam, but they are no match to SwAmi's jnAnam, anushtAnam and atma gunams. It would be beyond comprehension of minds, forget description by words. Swami's lifesketch and contribution to the fields of shAstras and sampradAyam would serve as an inspiration to all.
Following sthAlipulAka nyayam, just a few incidents/achievements from Swami's divya charitram would convey Swami's greatness:
- Swami did the kalakshepams of all sampradAya granthams under Sri.Nrisimha tAtayArya mahadeshikan (famously known as PerumAl koil Swami), Sri.U.Ve.Ayya DevanAthAchArya Swami of Navalpakkam, his own father Sri U.Ve.Krishna ThAthAchArya and other eminent scholars.
- NSR Swami is a master in all 4 major shAstras - tarka, vyAkarana, mImAmsa and vedAnta. Swami has qualified the nyAya siromani with Gold medal in 1948. VyAkarana siromani in 1952, vedAnta Siromani in 1954 and mImAmsa siromani in 1964, all in first class
- NSR Swami qualified the Tamil Vidwan and Hindi Vidwan by passing the exams in 1955 and 1950 respectively.
- NSR Swami obtained the Doctorate (vidya varidhi) from Kasi SampUrnAnandA samskrita university in 1973.
- NSR Swami is one of rarest scholar par excellence who has the rare cpaacity of writing masterpieces in all these four subjects together. Even including earlier century, there are only 4 or 5 scholars who had this rare talent.
- NSR Swami is also one of the rarest sanskrit scholar to have written commentaries on various works of three philosophies - Dwaita, Advaita and VisistAdvaita
Amongst many lifetime achievements of Swami, the following deserves to be specially mentioned:
1. More than 60 valuable research articles
2. More than 10 republished books
3. More than a dozen publications from palmleaf manuscripts
4. More than ten commendable commentaries to terse books of sastras
5. Four research monographs apart from all the above
6. More than 100 hundred students who have later become great scholars
7. About 30 students who have received PhD degree under his guidance
8. Hindreds of Vidwat Sadas where he was honoured with highest esteem.
There are several titles (innumerable literally) bestowed on NSR Swami. But the eminent 12 are as below:
1970 - Title "Tarka Vachaspati" honoured by Sri Raghavendra Mutt Mantralayam
1986 - President of India Certificate of Honors for Sanskrit Scholars
1991 - Title "Desika Darshana Choodamani" honoured by Sri Poundareekapuram Andavan Ashramam, Srirangam
1992 - Title "Pandita Ratnam" honoured by Sri Parakala Matham, Mysore
1994 - First Recipient of prestigeous Shreevani Alankaran from Dalmia Trust
1996 - Title "MahamahopAdyAya" honoured by Rashtriya Samskrita Vidyapeet, Tirupati
2000 - Title "Vachaspati" by K.K.Birla Foundation
2001 - Title "Shastra Nidhi" by Pejawar Mutt, Udupi
2004 - Title "Sarvatantra Vachaspati" by Srirangam Srimad Andavan
2006 - Title "Darsana Kalanidhi" by Sanskrit College, Mylapore
2008 - Title "Naanaa Saastra Dyumani" by Sri Ahobila Matham
2012 - French Government adorns Swami with the Prestigious Chevalier Award - for Swamis work "Pratyaksha-tattwa-cintamani vimarsha", a master piece work and lucid commentary on Shabda bodha mimamsa.
  • The video of Srimad Andavan speaking on Dr NSR Swami and Dr NSR Swami's contribution to shastram and sampradayam as "unparallelled" and "na bhavishyati" can be seen in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XdFLAsNvk0
After seeing all these, one can only amaze and pray with folded hands in front of Swami's jnAnam, anushThAnam, vairagyam and atma gunams. Having said about Swami in detail, one would not need any elaboration to speak of Swami's writings.
As a token of gratitude and celebration for Swami having been awarded the Chevalier title, Swami's sishya Sri.N.S.Jagannathan has collected Swami's articles in tamil written over various occasions over several decades and published as a single souvenir. This book has 28 scintillating marvels in the form of Swami's nectarine outpourings including swami's research on various topics including - vedantha, acharya gunAnubhavam (esp Swami's anubhavam with Srimad Thirukkudanthai Andavan and Srimad Srimushnam Andavan), siddhantham, anushthAnam (especially a recent article comparing olden days and present day practicalities), esoteric truths and azhwar's anubhavams with relevent pramanams from shruti, smritis, purvacharya srisuktis. Especially the article "DharmabhuthajnAnam-Some Questions and Answers" would be a literal feast to bhagawathas who have underwent Srimad Rahasyatraya sAram , sribhashya kalakshepams.
This souvenir also has a detailed account of NSR Swami's Divya Charitram with thaniyan and meanings, which would serve as an inspiration to all and would make us proud that we too get to live in this century with Sri NSR Swami.
The book is moderately priced at Rs.100 and would be a valuable treasure for all time.
People interested in getting a copy of this treasure can contact:
  1. Sri.N.S.Jagannathan
8/13, Ganapathy Mudali Street
Triplicane, Chennai-600005
Phone: 044-28444271
  1. Sri. Achutharaman @ achutharaman@gmail.com or at +91-9341270559, Bangalore
  2. Adiyen @ sudarsana.prasad@gmail.com or at +91-9731633664, Bangalore/Chennai
PS: Copies of this book and "Bhagawatha Rasam" by Navalpakkam Vasudevachar Swami would be available with adiyen for sale in Andavan Ashramam, Chennai on June 10th 2013, Vaikasi Thiruvadirai, Thirunakshatram of Srimad Srimushnam Andavan.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

NSR Swami tirunakshatram - Vaikasi Tiruvadirai 10-06-13

Dear all,
Tomorrow (10-06-13) Vaikasi Tiruvathirai star. Birth star and Tirunakshatram of Sri. U.Ve. NSR Swami. 
HH Srimad Srimushnam Andavan Tirunakshatram also on the same day. NSR Swami's Acharyan Sri. U.Ve. Ayya Swami's tirunakshatram on Adi Tiruvadirai. Srimad Bhagavad Bhashyakarar tirunakshatram on Chitirai Tiruvadirai. Tiruvadirai got a special significance for Acharyas. There are so many articles on Swami. Adiyen not going to write about swami once again. Please click the link of adiyen blog to learn in detail about Sri. U.Ve. NSR Swami.

Click the link :  Dr. Prof. Chevalier NSR Swami  

Adiyen sons Chi. Murari Rajan and Chi. Srivatsa Rajan are blessed by Swami. Swami accepted them as disciple and offered Bharanyasam to adiyen's fortunate sons. Adiyen also fortunate to have sambandam with Navalpakkam Agraharam. Adiyen wife Smt Vidyalakshmi is close relative of Sri. U.Ve. Ayya Swami and Sri. U.Ve. NSR Swami. Adiyen have another bhagyam to be anthevasi (Sribhashyam, Rahasyathrayasaram & Ahnikam kalakshepams) of Sri. U.Ve. Ayya Swami. Adiyen studied in Tirupathi when Sri.U.Ve. NSR swami was Principal of the college and later when the college was upgraded as Deemed University, NSR Swami was the first Vice Chancellor. Adiyen also had the bhagyam to get blessings from NSR swami for few years in Pondicherry. This has been submitted to all as adiyen's pranamam under the lotus feet of NSR Swami. 

Navalpakkam Srinivasan

Sri. U.Ve. NSR Swami with Devigal

Sri. U.Ve. Ayya Swami
Sri. U.Ve. NSR Swami with Devigal, Purasai Swami, adiyen and Sri. Yamunachari

Swami in Veda Goshti in Navalpakkam

Swami Receiving Chevalier Award

Adiyen receiving blessings from NSR Swamin during Swami's Sathabhishekam

Adiyen and adiyen mamanaar swami receiving blessings from Sri. NSR Swami


Villiambakkam Tirumalai Nallan Chakravarthy


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Sanskhepa Ramayanam with Tamil Translation

Dear All,

The Sankshepa Ramayanam, the first sarga (canto) of Srimad Valmiki Ramayana has been attached with this with Tamil translation. It is holy to recite the Sankshepa Ramayanam daily. Original text by Srimad Valmiki and the Tamil translation by Dr. V.C. Govindarajan.

Kindly click here : Sankshepa Ramayanam with Tamil Translation for Daily Parayanam

For the children:
Ramayana illustraions

Dr.V.C. Govindarajan,

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Navalpakkam Ayya Swami

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Navalpakkam Srinivasan

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Ayya Swami
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 ;gfEk paafkfkv<mf @ Navalpakkam photos
sfvamiyi[f `nfEtvasi

Darsanam Magazine - old issues

Dear All,

The Previous issues of Darsanam Magazine for your ref:

5) Vaikasi Month - May 2008                                         6)   Ani Month - June 2008

7) Adi Month - July 2008                                                 8)  Avani Month - August 2008


Dr. V.C. Govindarajan,

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Darsanam - Magazines

Dear All,

It was a delightful moment when everyone in Muscat Sravana Samithi waiting to receive the news magazine - Darsanam every month since Jan 2008. The first magazine was released on the Bhogi day (previous day of Pongal festival - Makar sankranti) during the Bhogi Kalyana Utsavam of Andal. 

The first issue was released by Serankulam setlur Sri. Venkatesachariar and received by Tirunelveli Sri. Ravindran swami. The magazine continuously released upto 21 issues, nearly 2 years. Adiyen moved to India in March 2008 and unable to continue designing time to time due to hectic work in the office. Now adiyen back to Muscat after 4 years spending in India. Almost one year over now. Hopefully would like to restart this magazine which carries the ever green memories and activities of Sravana Samithi. 

The magazines are linked here under for your reference :

1)   Thai month - Jan 2008                    

3)    Panguni month - March 2008                  

5)  Vaikasi - 2008     

9)  Purattasi - 2008

11) Karthigai - 2008

13) Thai - 2009                  

Special issues :

rest will be linked shortly set by set..... 

Till then read these magazines and give your feed back below...


Thirumalai Nallan Chakravarthi

Madvacharya - movie

Dear All,

Watch Madvacharya - Movie

Click here for the link : Madvacharya - movie

Dr. V.C. Govindarajan,
Dept of Sanskrit,
Indian School, Darsait

Adi Sankaracharya - Sanskrit movie

Dear All,

Watch the Adi Sankaracharya - Sanskrit Movie in the link.

Click here : Adi Sankaracharya - Sanskrit Movie

Dr. V.C. Govindarajan,
Dept of Sanskrit,
Indian School, Darsait.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Badrinath Yatra

Dear Friends,

  Before reading the experience kindly visit the photo album 
  Click here : Badrinath Yatra Photos

Now summer vacation in India and the vacation going to start in Gulf. Since I am in Oman, I would like to write about the vacation in Oman. The summer vacation for students start by the 3rd week of June 2013 and the reopening of schools will be after 15th Aug 2013. The Indian Schools in the capital close down one by one for the summer vacation and open in the same order to avoid air traffic in the Muscat International Airport. Maximum number of students and their parents travel to their native place, far east or western countries. There are so many places in India to visit. 
In the year 2010 we had a trip to Badrinath on the Himalayas during the summer vacation in India - May 2010. I am delighted to write about it and the experience is still green in my mind. 
River Ganges, Rishikesh
My wife and children with my sister, mother in law, co-brother and his family reached Delhi and the Badrinath yatra started from The Balaji Temple, RK Puram, New Delhi. The tour is being organised by Sri. Devanathan my relative with great care and divinity every year during Akshaya Thritiya. In this trip there were about 100 pilgrims.  The travel started in the mid night and reached Hrishkesh in the morning. We all stayed in Srimad Andavan Ashramam for a day. The holy dip in the Ganges, visit to various places, crossing the Ganges by boat visited Geetha Mandir and many mandirs, markets, Lakshman Jula and enjoyed the mighty beauty of the Himalayas. 
Deva Prayag, Ganga sangamam
Then the tour proceeded on the Himalayas. We reached Deva Prayag enjoying the beauty of the holy places on the way. We had holy bath in the Bageerathi and Alakananda Sangam in Deva Prayag and had the darsanam of Vishnu on the bank. This is one of 108 holy Vishnu sthalam to be visited by every Sri Vaishnava. Then we travel started on the way we had our lunch. We stayed in a place on the way. Then started towards Badrinath in the very early morning. We reached Joshi Mutt which is also called as Tiru Pirithi by Alwars. This is also called Lower Badrinath. We had a walk on the ghats of the Himalayas for about 1 hour enjoying the scenic beauty and the chillness in the morning. 
Joshi Mutt
We had the divya darsanam of Lord Narasimha in Joshi Muth (Tiru Pirithi) and other Vishnu shrines. We proceeded to Badrinath Dham. We reached crossing many mountains and dangerous curves, crossing steep roads. The drivers are really great. Finally we all reached Badri dham in the morning. 
We stayed just opp to the Badrinath temple on the bank of Alakananda river. We had bath in the Hot spring infront of Mandir. Then had Darsanam of Badrinath. That evening we all went to the village called Mana which is just 3 kms from there. There we visited to the cave of Veda Vyasa and Ganesh. We also visited the Saraswathi river which is visible only in this place. The rock moved by Bhimsena - one the Pandavas - during their Swargarohana also in the same place. We returned to Badrinath. Evening we went for Darsanam during Vishnu Sahasranama Pooja. 
             It was a miracle that we did not have ticket to go inside the shrine to join the
Badrinath Ji temple

River Alakananda infront of the temple

Badrinath Valley
chanting. Me, my wife and children were standing outside the side door (but doors were closed), chanting the Vishnu Sahasranamam. What a miracle...?  Badri Narayanan decided to give darsanam very close. Can any one stop us...? Any door can block the darsan...? Seeing my wife chanting Vishnu Sahasranamam, the security police allowed my wife to go inside. But my wife appealed for permission to me too, then security allowed us to go inside. We joined Vishnu Sahasranamam chanting and had the Darsanam of Badrinathji very close. 
Next Day we performed Pitr Tarpan in the Pinda tharpan area where all the devotees pay the homage to their forefathers. 
Cave of Vyasa, the birth place of Mahabharath
Next day early morning we all started from Badrinath and reached Haridwar in the night. Visited many places in the Haridwar such as Hanumanji Mandir, Manasa devi temple on the
Ganga mandir, Haridwar
hill and the very important Ganga harathi in the evening which is being witnessed by more than 1 lakh people every day. We also purchased special items in Haridwar market and reached New Delhi. 

We also wanted to visit Pushkaram, due to long journey on the Himalayas, we were tired much and only few days available to the train to Chennai, we dropped the plan.  We had very little time, so we visited Ram Madir, Qutubminar and Red Fort in Delhi. 
The last Alwar tirumangai Alwar appeals in his composition to Badri Narayanan to give him Darsanam when is strong enough to climb the mountains. I have noticed few have already visited several times. 
I should record about the cooks (they are not cooks by profession) and other volunteers. They are working in various Private and Govt offices and assist Sri. Devanathan and other organisers to serve the pilgrims and also visit the holy places. They are not tired through out the trip, prepare all items on time and serve humbly to every one. Reach the camp places well in advance and keep the items and rooms ready. They also served coffee and tea time to time well in advance (sorry I dont have the habit of drinking coffee or tea). I also stunned to learn that they have already visited more than 100 times to Badrinath. Particularly the devotee who served as cook completed 175 times to Badrinath and equal time to Kedarnath. All the time he was either cook are served the devotees.
The trip to Badrinath though it is tired some (I suffered one month by stomach upset is different story), we enjoyed a lot with divine blessings, fresh air, scenic beauty and mighty beautiful Himalayan ranges. If we get a chance we will visit again and again.
Why don't you plan to visit Badrinath this year or next year ?

Visit the photo album once again now : Badrinath Yatra Photos

By Dr. V.C. Govindarajan,
currently at Muscat.

Nallan Chakravarthy

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Friday, March 15, 2013

Videos of Speeches - Karutharangam Feb 2013

Srimathe Sri Nigamaanta Mahadesikaya nama:

Dear Swamin,
The videos of the speeches of Karutharangam are given below links. (Total 8 videos in this posting)
Kindly click the titles :

Kanchi Varadan in Hunter alankaram
Speech by Kodaganallur Sri. Vijayanarayanan on

Kanchiyum Varadanaum (Click here)

Aranganum Periya Naayakiyum

Nangai Sri. Ramanujan on 
Arangan Anubhavam (Click here)

Swami Desikan, Muscat
Swami Desikan, Muscat
Kodaganallur Sri. Vijayanarayanan sings on Swami Desikan

Song on Swami Desikan (Click here)
(We tried to rotate the clip, but unable, adiyen appeal asthikas to forgive)

                           Tiruputkuzhi Vijayaraghavan
Eri Katha Raman, Madurantakam

Smt. Suchitra Rajan Speaks on 

Veeranum Raghuveeranum (Click here)

Swami Desikan - Centre, HH 1st Parakala mutt Swami - right and Sri. Kumara varadachariar - left

Tirunelveli Sri. Ravindran on
(Click here)  Jnana Vairagya Bhushanan

Thanjai Sri. Ravisankar (Part 1) on

Sri Devanathan, Tiruvaheendrapuram

Urupattur Sri. Ramanujan on

Garudan, Nachiyar Koil
Chakrathalwar, Kanchi 
Veerava nallur Sri. Sampath on

Other Videos will be uploaded shortly.
Other Speeches
1) Inaugural Speech & Sri Lakshmi Hayavadanan - Nangainallur Sri. Venkatesan
2) Idaikazhi Aayanum Muthal Azhwargalum - Thillaisthaanam Sri. Raman
3) Swami Desikan Vaibhavam - Orathi Velamur Sri. Narayanan
4) Mahalakshmi Vaibhavam - Smt. Prabha Sampath
5) Garuda Prabhavam - Tiruchitrakootam Sri. Kannan
6) Un Sarane Saran - Mannargudi Sri. Rajan
7) Bhudeviyum Goda Parinayamum - Pucheri Sri. Prasanna Venkatesan
8) Thiruvenkatamudyaanum Swami Desikanum - Thirukandiyur Sri. Veeraraghavan
9) Ending note - Tirunelveli Sri. Ravindran
10) Children Programme
11) Second part of Sri. Ravisankar's speech

Villiambakkam Govindarajan